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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITVersity?

ITVersity is an online platform where young learners (students) or IT professionals or passionate seekers can learn about futuristic technologies like Big Data, Cloud, and many more integrated courses.

What courses are offered?

Courses on Big Data, Cloud Stack, Full Stack, Hadoop, Python, and many more. You simply have to enroll and know all about the products.

To know more: Products

What type of courses are offered?

ITVersity offers two types of courses- Free Courses and Paid Courses.

To know more about how these courses work, visit: How Does It Work
To know more about the courses, visit: Products

Why choose ITVersity?

ITVersity thrives to deliver a holistic learning experience that has high-quality yet easily understandable content mingled with labs to give the user a hands-on experience. Also, ITVersity (both the courses and the labs) can be accessed 24x7 with community-based support.

Through which currency do I pay for the paid courses?

ITVersity offers two payment options. Indian users can pay for their course in Rupees and the other users (across the world) can access their paid course by paying in Dollars.

How do I pay to access the paid courses?

You can access ITVersity paid courses by buying the products and paying the amount through payment gateways.

- Indian users can pay using the Stripe payment gateway.
- Other users can pay using the PayPal payment gateway.

How will I know about the new courses you offer?

You get notifications in your mail when you sign-up on the ITVersity website and know all about the new courses the moment it gets added. Also, you can know about the latest happenings in the tech world by subscribing to our blog.

What is the learning process?

All ITVersity courses can be viewed in bite-sized videos by which you can grasp and understand all the concepts and techniques with the utmost ease. And what’s more, you can keep watching those videos again and again.